Effectiveness and ROI (Return on Investment)
The list below is a sampling of Hall of Fame members who championed this issue.
  • Cyrus H. K. Curtis - By investing more than a half million dollars over a five year period, Curtis was then able to increase circulation of Ladies Home Journal to more than 1 million.
  • Ray A. Kroc - His ideas on advertising and marketing paved the way not only for his success but for the success of countless others and helped make McDonald's the single most-advertised brand in America. "I never hesitate to spend money on advertising because I can see it coming back to me with interest," he said.
  • John Wanamaker - His faith in the value of advertising helped his store become the largest retailer of men's clothing by 1868. Wanamaker showed both merchants and manufacturers the power of advertising to move great masses of goods and stimulate mass distribution and production. His was the demonstration that started the present enormous volume of advertising by retailers and national advertisers.