Advertising's Impact on a Free Market Economy
The list below is a sampling of Hall of Fame members who championed this issue.
  • Sidney R. Bernstein - stood as one of the foremost defenders of advertising for the positive role it plays in the U.S. economy.
  • Barton A. Cummings - built better public understanding of the U.S. economic system and advertising essential role in it. He recognized the significant role that advertising plays in the economy and how crucial it was to the establishment of a free enterprise system in making consumers aware of the goods and services available to them.
  • Howard J. Morgens - saw advertising as the embodiment of much that is good in the free-market system: promoter of competition, stimulus for new products, generator of efficiencies in manufacturing and distribution.
  • John H. Crichton - recognized advertising's contribution to the American economy; he worked diligently for a mutually beneficial dialogue with federal government officials in Washington, D.C.
  • George Burton Hotchkiss - believed that students should be led to see advertising in its relationship to the whole process of market distribution and to understand its social as well as economic functions.
  • Harrison King McCann - For over 20 years McCann-Erickson served as the agency of record for all the mass economic campaigns of the Advertising Council and aided the state department and other government agencies in similar campaigns. Our free enterprise system and the cause of freedom have been advanced materially by his contributions.
  • Neil H. Borden - During the Great Depression, when advertising's economic role was widely questioned, he undertook the massive and comprehensive study that eventually led to the classic volume The Economic Effects of Advertising.